Pole Intro

This class is recommended for those who have never taken a pole class and are not sure they want to delve into level 1 right away. Students learn basic dance moves, the fireman spin, floorwork, and round out class with strength and flexibility.

Levels 1 - 5

In levels 1 & 2, we introduce all basic spins and dance moves (and heels in level 2), with routines in each level that incorporate everything learned during each session. Students gain strength by building on the spins and moves learned in previous weeks. By level 3 students have the upper body and core strength to lift their hips above their head in an invert, the basic move on which most advanced moves are based! In levels 4 and 5, the routine is replaced by advanced inverts, cardio is kicked up a notch, and previous spins are broken down and perfected.

Level 6

In level 6, students work on choreographing a routine of their own, using all the skills learned during the previous levels. At the end of the session, they have the option to perform their routine for friends, family, and fellow students at a final graduation performance. Students have put time and energy into developing their skills, and we encourage them to take this opportunity to show off their accomplishments!

Pole Masters

Prerequisite: Level 5 or instructor approval.

Pole masters is the next step in our pole program. Skills learned in the leveled program are the basis for all advanced moves taught in this class. .

Pole Masters Dance is for those who have learned the fundamentals and want to continue to practice those skills while getting a good cardio workout. The format of this class is focused on more cued dance, freestyle dance, with a shorter open gym for skill practice, followed by conditioning.

Pole Masters Tricks encourages individualized progression. We teach at the pace of each student as each move builds upon the next in an endless repertoire of tricks. The format of this class is centered on a longer open gym for trick practice and more intense conditioning.

Spin Pole

Prerequisite: Level 5 and ability to invert comfortably with instructor approval.

A spinning pole rotates on its vertical axis. In this class, we modify stationary pole spins and learn spinning-only holds. Holding spins on this kind of pole requires more core strength so we recommend students talk to an instructor about their goals and strengths before registering for this class.

Open Gym

Prerequisite: Pole experience.

This class is for pole students who wish to practice skills and tricks they've learned in class. An instructor is present to spot or give tips, but no new spins or tricks are taught in this class. Students must be able to work safely and independently and are not permitted to instruct other students.

Cardio Pole

Prerequisite: Level 3

Cardio Pole is for students in Level 3 and higher who love the cardio part of class and want an additional workout. With a longer dance and cardio portion and a brief open gym for trick and spin practice, it is a great way to get a fantastic workout! No new spins or tricks are taught in this class.

pole straddle, photo credit: Don Curry

If you are visiting from another studio, or are new to the area and have some pole experience, please email us at and we will help determine which level most appropriately suites your skills.


Although we offer multiple levels of silks, all moves are tailored to the strength and capability of individual students, so they may progress at their own pace within the class they are taking.

Silks Basics

This class is required before moving onto more advanced silks classes.

Successful completion of this class and instructor approval are required before moving from Silks Basics to Silks 1, so it can be taken multiple times. Students learn the fundamentals of climbing, wrist locks, foot locks, and basic inversions to prepare students for the beginner silks session.

Silks 1

Prerequisite: Silks Basics and instructor approval.

In Silks 1, students strengthen basics learned in the Silks Basics class while learning basic poses, inversions, tricks, and sequences. Students develop muscle strength while exercising proper technique and learn basic aerial art vocabulary. Even if students have previous silks experience, we ensure they are learning new skills during this session.

Silks 2

Prerequisite: Silks 1 and instructor approval.

This class is intended for students who have mastered basic skills and are working on progressions. We work at a faster pace than in Beginner Silks and teach a wider range of tricks. Silks 2 incorporates momentum, strength, and technique for learning more complicated wraps, drops, and choreography.

Silks Open Gym

Prerequisite: Silks Basics and instructor approval.

This class is for silks students who wish to practice skills and tricks they've learned in class. An instructor is present to spot or give tips, but no new skills are taught in this class. Students must be able to work safely and independently and are not permitted to instruct other students.


Prerequisite: The ability to hold body weight with both straight and bent arms for three seconds. Some previous pole or aerial experience is recommended, but not required.

The "lyra", a hoop suspended from the ceiling, is designed to showcase grace, style, strength and control, as well as balance and flexibility. Students learn proper engagement and technique, elementary mounts, basic positions, spinning, and floorwork, followed by conditioning exercises. The format of these workshops is for groups of four to six, allowing for significant individual attention.


Other specialty classes may be offered that are not listed below. All 1-hour specialty classes are eligible for Groupons and Class Packs.

Deep Flex

This class may also be purchased as an 8-week session.

This class focuses on improving student flexibility. After a brief warm up, the instructor leads the class through a variety of deep stretches, allowing each student to work to their individual flexibility goals.

Namaslay Yoga

This class may also be purchased as an 8-week session.

Truely a class for all levels, this class will help strengthen you from the inside out while working at your skill level. Ready for something more advanced? Experienced yogis always will have the option to add more difficulty.

Lap and Chair Dance

This is not a weekly class and is scheduled based on instructor availability.

We offer both lap and chair dance classes where students learn a different choreographed routine every class! While our main goal is to give students a great workout, this class is perfect for those looking to bring out their sexy side.

Liquid Motion

This 1.5-hour class is not eligible for any class-type discounts (i.e. groupon, class pack, class credit, etc.).

Liquid Motion is a method and style of movement that teaches total acceptance of one’s physical and mental self. By combining basic dance theory, fitness, conditioning exercises, and sensual movement exploration, we explore how to create YOUR unique movement. If you love fluid and sensual dancing and want to learn to move with confidence and grace, come to class and get liquid! Knee pads highly recommended.

Almost all our specialty classes require no previous experience (unless otherwise noted) and are offered as single classes rather than a full 8-week session pack. Please register for your class before coming to the studio to ensure you have a spot in class!

pole shoulder mount, photo credit: Alloy Images

Private Lessons

Whether a current student, or new to DivaFit, private lessons are available to everyone for all our pole and aerial apparatus. They are a perfect way to work on skills one-on-one with an instructor, or to learn in a private setting.

Current students may contact their preferred instructor directly to set up a private lesson. If you have no instructor preference, or are new to DivaFit looking to learn in a private setting, please contact the studio of your choice and they will set you up with an instructor who is available for your requested day and time.