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Pole Dancing Myths

I'm not strong enough.

Our pole program is designed to build strength for the fitness novice! In each class students will use skills learned in previous classes to build up strength one week at a time.

I'm not flexible enough.

Our pole program and specialty classes help develop flexility in the most inflexible students! With proper warm ups and cool downs, and regular practice, even our most flexible students see their flexibility improve!

I'm not sexy enough.

Nonsense! While it's true that pole dancing originated with sky high heels and barely there costumes, it has evolved into a new kind of fitness regime. Our program celebrates the sexy origins of pole dance while developing strength and confidence!

Pole dancing is for women.

DivaFit welcomes students of all genders! If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at info@divafit.online.

Pole dancing is only about being sexy.

Think again! Yes, there is often a sexy element to pole dancing, but when approached in the light of competition, it transforms into a multifaceted sport that showcases grace and athleticism.

Pole dancing is not a sport.

Pole dance is new(ish) to the world of sports and is currently in the bidding process to become an Olympic sport. There are pole sport competitions all over the country every year, including a locally held, regional competition that DivaFit students and instructors have been competing in since 2013!

Classes & Registration

When does your next term/session start?

Our next term starts on Wednesday, January 2nd and runs for 8 weeks. Registration opens 2 weeks before the start of the term. Students who purchase an 8-week session for classes that meet on Mondays and Tuesdays will have an extra credit on their account to use in any eligible class by the end of the term as we will be closed on Monday, December 31 and Tuesday, January 1st.

Where are you located and how do I contact you?

We in Northern Virginia, minutes from Dulles Airport, in Herndon. Visit our Connect page for location and contact information!

Visiting and looking for a pole home away from home? Contact our owner at info@divafit.online, and we'll help you determine which classes are best for you!

How long is one session?

All sessions run 8 weeks. You will meet at the same day and time with the same teacher each week.

What should I wear to class?


Workout clothes you are comfortable in!


Stretchy athletic wear, or form-fitting clothes, that will cover your legs, torso, and arms, to prevent burns from the apparatus. You will need to be barefoot to use all apparatus. Jewelry, zippers, belts, and anything else that could catch on the silks fabric, or lyra and trapeze tape is prohibited and you will be asked to remove them.

Can I start classes in the middle of a session?


Because our leveled pole programs build on skills learned in previous weeks, we do not recommend signing up for a leveled class mid-session. Please contact us at info@divafit.online to discuss leveled placement. Follow the directions above for how to sign up for a session. Your Start Date will reflect the next scheduled class, so you will be enrolled in only the remaining classes for the session. The classes you missed will be credited to your account to use as makeup classes for any class at or below your current level.


You are welcome to sign up for a full session and can make up your extra classes at any class of your level or lower. You may also opt to purchase single classes mid-session.